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Who Likes To Fuck Teenage Sluts?

Now I know that’s a redundant question – but one I have to ask because I recently met a guy that prefers milf muffin to tight coed pussy. Well fuck me, I like them both but given the choice, I’ll take the MILF’s 18-year-old daughter any day. And the good news is – I did […]

Mr. Richard’s Neighborhood Friends – Holie-marie

Mmm Holie-Marie – I fucking thought she was going to choke to death. That would just suck to have a dead coed in my yard – but as luck would have it, none of her gagging was fatal. If you had been at my pad that night, you would have sworn that someone was getting […]

Dude – All I Did Was Fuck Your Girlfriend – Get Over It!

Jezzzzzz,  some stupid fuckers just don’t get it that all babes need a colossal cock sometimes. man, it’s not that she wanted to marry me, she was just tired of fucking her your tiny cock so she would stop by when you were at work and let me fuck her tiny little cooder. In fact, […]

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